Literacy at Horwich Parish CE School

World Book Day speaking competition Year 6

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As part of World Book Day our Year 6 children chose their favourite book and performed a small section to their Year.

Year 6 World Book Day Speaking Competition from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.


World book day…

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Here are just a few snaps from our World Book day…each class took part in a range of activities.


Year 4 Silent Movies

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In Literacy Year 4 have been looking at play scripts, they then wrote and filmed their own silent movies.

Silent Movie 4H from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.

Silent movie 4P from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.


Potion Advert

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Year 4 sound poems.

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Year 4 have made recordings of poems with a difference, some of the words have been replaced with the sound effect.



The Sound Collector

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SoundYear 4 have written their own poems based on The sound collector.




 Please watch the video for our inspiration.



Y6 WW2 Audio

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Please listen to our Y6 children in their WW2 audio files


Gunpowder Plot Y5 2015

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Year 5 have learnt the poem by heart…

Gunpowder Plot from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.


Balloon release…

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As part of our literacy this week, we have written about what might happen to a ballon if it floated into the air. This morning we released balloons of our own. We have attached our names and the school address to them in the hope that we can find out where they end up.


Alien stimulus

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Year 1 have been using the stimulus of an Alien landing this term.

Firstly we used some CCTV of our visitor from Easter when he came and looked at our classroom.

Alien from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.

He came to school to help our teachers plan our lessons and met Jack.

IMG_1220 IMG_1222 IMG_1221






IMG_1231 IMG_1229 IMG_1226

The Aliens are coming… on PhotoPeach